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Message from the Dean

Maureen J. MacDonald: Dean, Faculty of Science


Transforming Our World Through Science

We are pleased to share our new strategic plan for McMaster’s Faculty of Science. Our plan will guide the decisions we make and the directions we take through the first half of this decade.

Our vision is clear and our mission is bold. We will transform our world through science. Together, we will advance scientific discovery and understanding to address local to global challenges through education, research and engagement to serve current and future generations.

Equally important, our plan codifies a set of longstanding and deeply held core values in our Faculty of Science. We will achieve the goals set out in our strategic plan by approaching all that we do individually and collectively with integrity, creativity, collaboration, communication, excellence, personal growth, knowledge and honesty.

Staying true to our core values, our plan was developed in collaboration and consultation with hundreds of students and alumni, faculty, staff and our industry, community, academic and government partners. Thank you to everyone who brought forward ideas and provided feedback that refined and strengthened earlier drafts of our strategic plan. I also want to acknowledge all of the contributions made over many decades by countless faculty and staff. We built our plans for the future on your foundation of excellence in teaching and learning, research and community engagement.

Together, we have developed a strategic plan that is as focused and aspirational as our past, present and future students, faculty and staff.

Dr. Maureen MacDonald
Dean of Science
McMaster University

Our Progress to Date

* Note: Check back to monitor our progress and see timeline updates!

Strategic Plan

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