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Faculty of Science Research Chairs

Curiosity-driven and applied research are at the forefront of the Faculty’s activities. Among our faculty, several hold research and endowned chairs, strengthening McMaster’s reputation as one of Canada’s top research universities.  


Canada Research Chairs

The Faculty currently holds 16 Canada Research Chairs, the Government of Canada's permanent program research professorships across Canada to attract and retain some of the world's most accomplished and promising minds. Our Chairs span the spectrum of research from applications in mathematical analysis to aquatic studies in environment and health. 


Paul Ayers Canada Research Chair in Theoretical Chemistry
Sigal Balshine Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Behavioural Ecology
Patrick Bennett Canada Research Chair in Vision Science
John D Brennan Canada Research Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry
Walter Craig Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Analysis and its Applications
Megumi Harada Canada Research Chair in Equivariant Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry
Catherine Kallin Canada Research Chair in Quantum Materials Theory
Vladimir Ljubicic Canada Research Chair in Neuromuscular Plasticity in Health and Disease
Paul McNicholas Canada Research Chair in Computational Statistics
Carmel Mothersill Canada Research Chair in Radiobiology
Aimee Nelson Canada Research Chair in Sensorimotor Control
Stuart Phillips Canada Research Chair in Human Skeletal Muscle Health in Aging
Mel Rutherford Canada Research Chair in Social Perception
Graham Scott Canada Research Chair in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
John Valliant Canada Research Chair in Medical Isotopes and Molecular Imaging Probes
Christine D. Wilson Canada Research Chair in Extragalactic Star Formation

Funded and Endowed Research Chairs

The Faculty also hosts a number of funded and endowed research chairs. 

Ian Hambleton
Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. F. Ronald Britton Professorship in Mathematics
Bruce Gaulin
Physics & Astronomy
Brockhouse Chair in the Physics of Materials
Janok Bhattacharya
Geography & Earth Sciences
Susan Cunningham Research Chair in Geology
Search underway. More information can be found here. Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Environment and Health
Allison Williams
Geography & Earth Sciences
CIHR Chair in Gender, Work and Health