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Louis A. Schmidt

Ph.D. (Maryland)

Professor & Science Research Chair   
in Early Determinants of Mental Health

Director, Child Emotion Laboratory

Fellow, Association for Psychological Science

2023 Pickering Award Recipient for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Developmental Psychology
in Canada

Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4K1, Canada


905-525-9140  |  ext. 23028 (office)  |  ext. 24798 (lab)


Research Interests & Foci

- personality and socioemotional development
- temperament and affect regulation
- developmental and individual differences
- typical and atypical development 
- developmental psychophysiology and psychopathology
- psychometrics, measurement and contextual issues

Selected Recent Representative Publications

Note: Names of students and research trainees are underlined.

Brook, C.A., & Schmidt, L.A. (2022). Psychometric perspectives on shyness across the lifespan: Measurement invariance and mean level differences in ages 4 to 86 years. Applied Developmental Science, 26, 1-14.

Hassan, R., & Schmidt, L.A. (In press). How biology shapes the development of shyness within specific contexts: A longitudinal, cross-lagged investigation. [A Special Issue in Honor of Jerome Kagan and His Research Legacy]. Developmental Psychology.

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MacGowan, T.L., Mirabelli, J., Obhi, S.S., & Schmidt, L.A. (2022). Observed shyness leads to more automatic imitation in early childhood. Developmental Psychobiology, 64,  1-13.

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