Student Policies

Exam Review Policy

In this section you will find relevant policies related to the School of Interdisciplinary Science and its programs. Please note that students are always expected to follow all McMaster policies and procedures pertaining to student conduct.

To review your final exam, please adhere to the procedure outlined in the linked document:

Course Conflicts

Students are advised to create a conflict-free schedule. If circumstances arise that include a conflict between two courses students are advised to speak with the School’s Academic Program Advisor. No course conflicts will be approved without completion of the Faculty of Science Course Conflict form. This form is available from the Associate Dean (Academic) office, BSB 129.


ALL School of Interdisciplinary Science courses require students to have the prerequisite courses to enroll.

  • It is the instructor's discretion as to whether course prerequisites may be waived. No exceptions to this rule will be made.
**Please note that a waiver does not guarantee a seat in a course but only the opportunity to attempt to obtain a seat.

Request Transcript

Students are encouraged to visit the Associate Dean (Academic) website to review other important policies and procedures.

iSci Transcript Request': Students in the Honours Integrated Science program may request a program-level transcript that outlines the grades received in individual components of each ISCI course. iSci transcripts are NOT official University transcripts but can accompany official University transcripts. Please use the form linked here to make your request.


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