Life Sciences Program Pathways

A Course Selection Guide for Students

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Purpose & Goals


Public & Global Health
Drugs, Humans & The Environment
Science & Law
Health Management

How to build a meaningful transcript + resume (CV)

  • Concentration and depth within an area of expertise.
    • Level II, III and IV courses that build on each other.
    • Several courses in levels II, III and IV that are connected through related topics.
  • Experiential learning (e.g., research, mentorship, community engagement) related to the area of focus.
  • Co-curricular participation in clubs, societies and events that relate to the area of expertise.
  • Extra-curricular (e.g., volunteer) and work experiences that relate to the area of expertise.

Please Note!

  • The pathways presented here are not official programs of study. Rather, they are suggestions to help focus your course selection while in the Life Sciences Program.
  • Some courses presented here have alternate prerequisites, which were excluded for simplicity. Please check the Undergraduate Calendar for complete course prerequisites.
  • The pathways presented here do not guarantee you access to or a seat in any of the courses listed. 
  • The pathways presented here do not guarantee that you will be accepted into a professional postgraduate program.
  • There are many more pathways beyond what is provided in this guide! You can make your own "pathway" by exploring McMaster's Undergraduate Calendar.

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