Community Engagement

A novel feature of our programs is the inclusion of community-based projects in course-related experiential opportunities. These unique courses are designed to include key elements, adapted from the Association for Experiential Education.

Community engagement opportunities are carefully chosen and linked to discipline-specific course content, keeping with key principles in mind and with the expectation that:

  1. Learning is supported by reflection and critical analysis.
  2. Experiences are structured to require the student to take initiative, make decisions, acknowledge the opinions of others, consider the evidence, change course of action, and be accountable for results.
  3. Students are engaged intellectually, emotionally and socially because the learning is a product of an authentic experience.
  4. The instructor and student may experience success, failure, adventure, risk-taking and uncertainty because the outcomes of the experience can't totally be predicted.

Below are some examples of courses in which our instructors have embedded experiential, collaborative, community-based projects into the course and classroom experience:

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