LIFESCI Poster Symposium 2022

A poster symposium was organized on March 31, 2022 for students in LIFESCI 3RP3 and LIFESCI 4A03 as part of the course requirement. The event marked a culminating achievement for the students’ undergraduate research project, allowing students to gain experience in translating their research efforts into a visual format for sharing with faculty and their peers. Students were totally engaged and learned immensely from participating in an interactive session with supervisors and Life Sciences program instructors who challenged them with exploratory questions and provided critical feedback. 

Poster presentation LIFESCI 3RP3Pictured: Pooja Senthil LIFESCI 3RP3 poster


LIFESCI 4A03 Pictured: Supervisor Dr. Taiane de Azevedo Cardoso and Khadija Brouillete LIFESCI 4A03 poster

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