iSci for a Day Program

 Contact now to book a visit to first year classes starting the end of January. High School students, please provide your name, contact information, dates you would like to visit, and subjects that you are interested in.

Please note: a signed waiver must be recieved before a visit can be scheduled. iSci for a day waiver


Candy Cane Careers Open House Dec 7, 2022

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Co-op Applications are now open and close on January 16.

Learn about Career Services: 

Students are invited to visit our Candy Cane Careers Open House on December 7, from 10 am - 2:00 pm

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Upcoming Lecture: The Value of Visuals in Science Communication

Please see the opportunity below from our colleagues at the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship. It looks like a great talk on visual science communication!

The lecture is titled “The Value of Visuals in Science Communication” and will be delivered by Mark Belan, a McMaster alum who is now a working science illustrator - browse Mark’s portfolio;

Hybrid Lecture: “The Value of Visuals in Science Communication” by Mark Belan, Scientific Graphics Journalist
December 6 | 12:30-1:30pm
Learn more and register | Open to all

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Image description: Poster text reads "December 6 | 12:30-1:30pm. Hybrid Lecture by Mark Belan. The Value of Visuals in Science Communication." Poster includes a photograph of Mark Belan and a detail of a data visualization showing the evolution of life.

Lecture Abstract: Science research relies on data to describe theories and stories, but communicating the complex, sophisticated, or sometimes esoteric information and relationships within these data is limited. Visual storytelling is becoming increasingly important in a data-driven world: from data visualizations to diagrammatic illustrations, telling science stories requires a visual component. The reasons for this lie in the way we process information.

This talk by Mark Belan (Scientific Graphics Journalist) will introduce the basics of visual perception, its benefit to science communication efforts, and how anyone can manipulate design theory to create visuals (of whatever skill level) to tell impactful, effective, and ultimately better science stories.

About the Speaker: Mark Belan is a scientific graphics journalist and visual communicator, working at the intersection of art and science to translate scientific concepts into impactful visuals. With two Master of Science degrees (one in Geochemistry/Astrobiology, another in Biomedical Communications), his work and past experience as a researcher has led him to champion the values of visual storytelling when communicating complex and sophisticated ideas, especially in science. Mark is based in Toronto, Canada and yearns to make science more accessible to everyone, with all forms of visual media. Learn more about Mark at

This event is hosted by the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Sherman Centre’s Coordinator Veronica Litt at

Science Stories Speaker Series Nov 9 2022

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Our next Science Stories speaker is Kendra Pierre-Louis, a journalist whose work focuses on the science of climate change, its impacts on our lives, and its solutions. 

Kendra has covered climate change for The New York Times, the "How to Save a Planet" podcast, and her book "Green Washed: Why We Can't Buy Our Way to a Green Planet." Her talk is sure to be full of exciting stories and inspiring images. She has hiked glaciers, flown through wildfire smoke, nearly been driven off a cliff, read thousands of research papers, and talked to hundreds of scientists to understand climate change. Most importantly, she has chronicled the experiences of those who have already lived through some of the dire impacts of increasing temperatures, from hurricanes to flash flooding.

Please join me for Kendra's talk and a conversation on Wednesday November 9 at 7 pm over Zoom. Registration is free for all,

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