• The SIS Approach

    The SIS Approach

    Our faculty and students value exploration and collaborative learning across different fields. This interdisciplinary approach makes our programs unique.

Director's Welcome

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the School of Interdisciplinary Science (SIS) in the Faculty of Science at McMaster University. The School, founded in 2016, provides administrative and pedagogical support to unique programs in the Faculty of Science: Integrated Science, Life Sciences and Medical Radiation Sciences.

Our School’s professors, instructional assistants, staff, teaching assistants and peer mentor undergraduates work together to create and implement novel teaching approaches. These enhance student learning, promote community engagement and prepare our students to be well-rounded members of their communities.

The thread that links our three exceptional programs is the commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, employing experiential and hands-on opportunities. Core to this approach is our focus on the role of science in addressing contemporary challenges in human health and societal well-being.

The involvement of our School in using innovative pedagogical approaches reflects McMaster’s long-term reputation for excellence in original research in a student-centered environment. As the newest academic unit of the Faculty of Science, founded in 2016, we are eager to contribute to the continued enhancement of our University as a place to learn and grow.

Our administrative headquarters are housed in the General Sciences Building.  Our state-of-the-art undergraduate laboratories can be found in the General Science Building and the AN Bourns Science Building. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Dr. Ana Campos
Director, School of Interdisciplinary Science

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Dr. Ana Campos
Director, School of Interdisciplinary Science
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