Jason Brodeur
Jason Brodeur
Manager, Maps/Data/GIS Mills Memorial Library
Mills Library L104/B
(905) 525-9140 ext. 28043
Dr. Jay Brodeur is the project lead for the Climate Change project for ISCI 3A12. Jay first developed his interests in atmospheric sciences as a kid when the weather came on the news. He attended McMaster University for his undergraduate studies initially in physics, while taking Earth and environmental science classes on the side. Realizing his passion in earth & environmental sciences, he finished his B.Sc with a specialization in hydrosciences. To pursue academia, Jay continued his studies at The University of Guelph in agricultural meteorology. Jay received his Ph. D. at McMaster, where he studied the uncertainty associated with estimates of forest-atmosphere greenhouse gas exchanges. He currently manages the Maps, Data, GIS department in McMaster's Mills Library, where he explores questions around geospatial and information literacy, as well as research data management.
Biometeorology, Ecosystems & Climate Change, Geospatial Literacy, Information Literacy, Pedagogy, Research Data Management
My research interests span a variety of domains in environmental science, pedagogy, and information science. My interest in forest biometeorology concerns estimating forest-atmosphere greenhouse gas exchanges, as well as understanding environmental controls on these processes, and evaluating uncertainty associated with their estimated quantities. My pedagogical research focuses on aspects of conceptualizing and assessing information and geospatial literacy in undergraduate students, while my information literacy-related research addresses aspects of technological and behavioural processes to promote the long-term management and preservation of research data products.



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