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    Information for Researchers

Submitting a Grant Application or Contract: The Faculty's Grants and Contracts Approval Process

Process and Instructions for Obtaining Faculty Approval:

Every grant application and contract (ie, project) requires a completed and signed  Science Sponsored Project Checklist (pdf fillable form) or Science Sponsored Project Checklist (Word version) (formerly the MILO form). The Faculty of Science, and the research offices, ROADS and MILO, use the forms to gather information on individual applications, commitments and University research activities to aid with planning and support activities. Information from the form also is used to set up research projects (or research accounts) when funds are awarded. Submitting a completed form speeds up the set-up of an account for your project.

  • Submit your Sponsored Project Checklist form with a complete copy of the full application and budget, as well as letters of support (detailing both internal and external financial commitments) if applicable, to the Office of the Associate Dean, Research & External Relations. With being off campus due to COVID, we are currently conducting reviews by email and with electronic documents. PDF documents are preferred. 
  • If you are using a certified Adobe signature, please don’t select the "Lock document after signing" option in the Sign As dialog box or the Sign Document dialog box. This will prevent us from combining documents or adding later signatures, as required by our current process. 
  • Be sure to have your Department Chair or School Diirector review the application and sign the Sponsored Project Checklist form before submitting it to the Office of the Associate Dean, Research & External Relations. The application will not be reviewed until the Department Chair or School Director has signed the checklist form.
  • Provide us with the submission deadline of the grant to ensure arrangements for a review and signature can be made in time for your deadline.
  • Allow at least 2 business days for review of your application and the Dean's signature to be obtained. Note that more complex applications may take more time.
  • If your application involves commitments from the University, such as space, funding for graduate students, deviations from standard overhead rates, etc., please contact Associate Dean (Research & External Affairs) and Director, Research & Planing to discuss commitments at least two weeks before the application deadline. Requests will be considered in terms of the application's strategic importance to the Faculty.
  • Note that the Sponsored Project Checklist must be approved and signed by your Department Chair or School Director, and the Dean before ROADS or MILO will accept it.
  • Once the form has been approved by the Dean, you will be notified and sent an electron copy of the approval package. The Principal Investigator is responsible for submitting it to the appropriate research office, e.g., ROADS or MILO. The research offices accept electronic copies. 
Additional notes

Sections F and G of the MILO form may or not be applicable, depending on the type of project or the Sponsor providing the funds. These issues most commonly arise in connection with industry sponsored research. If these sections do not apply to your project, please leave them blank. If you are unsure, be sure to talk to your Senior Advisor at ROADS or MILO.

If you have general questions about research applications or the granting process, please contact Seanna-Lin Brodie-Keys, Director, Research & Planning, Faculty of Science by email.

If you are unsure which office is handling a particular program, please consult the Who Does What at McMaster page.

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