Process for Forward with Integrity next funding competition

The next Forward with Integrity grant competition has been announced and applications are due January 30, 2015.  More information on the competition can be found here. As part of the submission requirements, applications should be completed using the template provided on the FWI website and must include an endorsement/signature from the Dean and appropriate supervisor.

If you are planning to apply for Forward with Integrity funds, please note that the Faculty of Science has the following internal process and deadlines to gain the Dean’s endorsement. To allow for timely submission of an application please see below.

  • Applications are due in the Faculty office, BSB 102, by January 28, to allow for review and endorsement.
  • All applications require the Dean’s endorsement. While there is a sample signature page attached to the application template, the Faculty has developed one of its own, available here. Please use this form.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Dean and submitted by the Faculty office electronically by January 30. The PI for the proposed project will be copied on the submission.
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