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QReserve central research and equipment database now available

The Faculty of Science sees value in developing a central research equipment and services database to increase the visibility of research programs and facilities. We have partnered with QReserve, a McMaster-founded company, to help establish this database. The Q-Reserve platform ( connects institutional equipment databases across Ontario and the rest of Canada. It allows visitors to find out about the research interests of participants, discover what equipment may be available and contact laboratories for more information. Benefits connected with this database include possible new collaborations with colleagues both on campus and beyond, and better use of existing infrastructure. The QReserve system also may help people establish fee-for-service relationships with external customers.

There are two ways to participate:

  1. QReserve Campus Ambassadors are contacting faculty at McMaster throughout this term or ambassadors can be contacted directly at You are asked to provide a brief description of your lab’s research interests and a list of equipment or services that you would like to include in the database. Information collected includes the name of the resource, description, your facility name, location, contact person and a picture of your resource (if uploaded).
    The QReserve Campus Ambassador will enter your items and then transfer administrative control to you allowing future modification.
  2. Create a user account online and add your equipment at:

Participation in this database does not obligate you to provide access to equipment or provide services. If your equipment is not available for outside use, it can be listed with a note that this item is not available for external use but that you are interested in potential research collaborations.

If you have any questions, please contact our QReserve equipment database representative. For more information about QReserve Inc., please visit You can also read about QReserve in the Daily News (

RSVP for the next IP3 Talk

The second talk of the Industry and Private Partnerships Program (IP3), “How do I Maintain and Grow a Private Partnership?”, is scheduled for January 29 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm in the Great Hall of the University Club. All faculty members are invited to attend. Building on the first talk, our second talk will focus on ways to work better with partners once you have made the initial connection with an off-campus partner. These talks are part of IP3, a program designed to help faculty members increase their funding opportunities. For more information please contact Seanna-Lin Brodie-Keys ( RSVPs are highly encouraged and can be sent to either Mary Cass ( or Seanna-Lin.

Speaking will be Dr. Lesley Warren, Geography & Earth Sciences and Dr. Fred Capretta, Chemistry & Chemical Biology.

Process for Forward with Integrity next funding competition

The next Forward with Integrity grant competition has been announced and applications are due January 30, 2015.  More information on the competition can be found here. As part of the submission requirements, applications should be completed using the template provided on the FWI website and must include an endorsement/signature from the Dean and appropriate supervisor.

If you are planning to apply for Forward with Integrity funds, please note that the Faculty of Science has the following internal process and deadlines to gain the Dean’s endorsement. To allow for timely submission of an application please see below.

  • Applications are due in the Faculty office, BSB 102, by January 28, to allow for review and endorsement.
  • All applications require the Dean’s endorsement. While there is a sample signature page attached to the application template, the Faculty has developed one of its own, available here. Please use this form.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Dean and submitted by the Faculty office electronically by January 30. The PI for the proposed project will be copied on the submission.
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