All first-year Science courses will be delivered virtually for Winter 2021. Due to the COVID-19 provincial lock-down, all students who were expecting in-person labs, should check their McMaster e-mail for important winter announcements..

USRA NSERC Summer 2021

Undergraduate awards applications are due on Monday march 1, 2021
Applications are emailed to sally at

Applications (form 202 part 1) are submitted electronically through the NSERC website: you must have a supervisor agree to supervise you before you can apply. Each supervisor can nominate a single student.

All applicants must have a minimum b+ cumulative average in order to apply. Selection of applicants is based on cummulative average. ***before applying, you must print out an unofficial transcript that includes your fall 2020 term grades. This is downloaded as part of the application process.

After you submit form 202 part 1, send your supervisor the reference number, print out form 202 part 1, scan and email it to sally () along with your transcript. In the email note your supervisor’s name. If this is not received, you will not be considered for an award.
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