COLLOQUIA - Jennifer Hellman


Dr. Jennifer Hellmann (from the University of Dayton, Ohio) will be giving the PNB colloquium this week.  

Jenn does amazing research on the underlying mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity, transgenerational plasticity, sex specific plasticity, and how plasticity can be induced by the social environment. I think many folks in ABEL will find her work fascinating and she is a good speaker.  You can check out her lab here:

Jenn is visiting our lab from 10-11 on Wednesday.  Would be grateful if we could make the lab look extra great for her visit.  Also the grads are taking Jenn out for dinner on Thursday night.

Jenn's PNB colloquium is on Dec 8th in PC-155 at 2:30pm.  Her talk is titled: "Fathers know best: the importance of paternal experiences for offspring phenotypes.” There will be cookies beforehand and a reception afterwards. Please come!

She is also giving the EEB seminar in PC-204 on Dec 7th at 12:30 and the title of that talk is:

"Epigenetic sources of phenotypic variation: the role of the social and ecological environment on the evolution of sperm-mediated paternal effects”

Susan Marsh-Rollo and I are co-hosting her and we would be REALLY REALLY thrilled if you can make one and hopefully both of her talks.  

Please let me know if you are interested in meeting with Jenn while she is visiting on Wednesday and Thursday.



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