Margo Wilson

(Ph.D., London)

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Representative Publications:

Martin Daly, & Margo Wilson  (1998).  The truth about Cinderella:  A Darwinian view of parental love.  London:  Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  ISBN: 0 297 84161 0    4.99 pounds sterling

Margo Wilson & Martin Daly (1997) Life expectancy, economic inequality, homicide, and reproductive timing in Chicago neighbourhoods.  British Medical Journal 314: 1271-1274.

Martin Daly & Margo Wilson (1997) Crime and conflict: homicide in evolutionary psychological perspective.  Crime and Justice, vol. 22: 51-100.

Margo Wilson & Martin Daly (1996) Male sexual proprietariness and violence against wives.  Current Directions in Psychological Science 5: 2-7.

Margo Wilson, Martin Daly & Antonietta Daniele (1995) Familicide: the killing of spouse and children.  Aggressive Behavior 21: 275-291.

Margo Wilson, Holly Johnson & Martin Daly (1995) Lethal and nonlethal violence against wives.  Canadian Journal of Criminology 37: 331-361.

Margo Wilson, Lesley Robertson, Martin Daly & Steven Walton (1995) Effects of visual cues on assessment of water quality.  Journal of Environmental Psychology 15: 53-63.

Margo Wilson, Martin Daly, Stephen Gordon & Adelle Pratt (1996) Sex differences in valuations of the environment? Population and Environment 18: 143-159.