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    Animal Behaviour

Jonathan Pruitt
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Associate Professor, Canada 150 Research Chair
PC 314
(905) 525-9140 ext. 23014
(905) 529-6225
The Pruitt Lab is interested in the interactions between individual traits and the collective attributes of animal societies and biological communities. We explore how the behaviors of individual group members contribute to collective phenotypes, and how these collective phenotypes in turn influence the persistence and stability of collective units (social groups, communities, etc.). Our most recent research explores the factors that lead to the collapse of biological systems, and which factors may promote a system's ability to bounce back from undesirable alternative persistent states.
Behavioural ecology, social tipping points, animal personality

Faculty Members from other departments:

David Earn Mathematics Professor earn@math.mcmaster.ca
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Ana Campos Biology Professor camposa@mcmaster.ca
Jim Quinn Biology Professor quinn@mcmaster.ca
Paul Higgs Physics Professor higgsp@mcmaster.ca
Jonathan Stone Biology Associate Professor jstoner@mcmaster.ca
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