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PC 315
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Together with our students we study the role of early visual experience on the development of vision and the visual cortex. In particular we are interested in the visual and neural changes associated with lazy-eye (amblyopia). Lazy-eye is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders in children. We use a variety of neurobiological, computational, and psychophysics techniques in our experiments. Our studies explore the development of the visual cortex from new perspectives. We are searching for and finding clues that help us understand how the brain develops and new directions for treating lazy-eye.
neurodevelopment of humans and animal models, neural mechanisms regulating neuroplasticity using postmortem tissue, typical and atypical development
What pre-requisites do you look for when evaluating a potential thesis student?

The minimum CA of a 4D09 is 8.5; the miminum CA for a 4D06 is 8.0.

What information are you going to want from a student who is interested in working in your lab?

Student's grades will be retried by the ballot system once the balloting process is completed.

How do you want to be contacted?

I will evaluate applications on the ballot system once the ballot closes. You may contact me by e-mail, however, I may not respond until I evaluate the applications submitted through the ballot.

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