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Teams Chosen For New Global Research Initiative

Carolyn, Jianping, and Karen and MikeCarolyn Eyles, Jianping Xu, Karen Kidd and Mike Waddington have been awarded the Faculty of Science's first international research partnership grants.

Carolyn, Jianping, and Karen and Mike are receiving funding through the new Global Science Initiative. Launched earlier this year, the initiative provides up to $200,000 per project to support work that addresses global challenges. To be eligible for funding, projects must have tangible support from at least one international partner.

To examine the global impact of environmental changes due to rapid climate warming, Carolyn will be collaborating with colleagues from INAIGEM, the leading research institute in Perú tasked with investigating climate change in high‐altitude glacial environments.

Karen and Mike will explore solutions for mitigating peat fire impacts on human and aquatic ecosystem health in an era of climate change. They will work in collaboration with colleagues from the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi, Imperial College London, University of Manchester and the University of Birmingham.

Jianping will track the origins and spread of antifungal drug resistance in two global fungal pathogens with collaborators from the Hamilton Health Sciences, University of Delhi, Yunnan University, the Institute of Biotechnology at Zhejiang University and the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

Serving on the selection committee were Marie Elliot, Professor and Chair, Department of Biology; Maikel Rheinstädter, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Kalai Saravanamuttu, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology; Louis Schmidt, Professor, Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and Science Research Chair in Early Determinants of Mental Health; John Preston, Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Engineering; and Gianni Parise, Associate Dean, Research & External Relations (Committee Chair). Also serving on the selection committee were Dean's Advisory Board member William Ho and alumni Keith and Traci MacDonald.

The International Partnership Projects competition is part of the Global Science Research Initiative. It is the latest in a series of investments being made to support researchers working internationally in the Faculty of Science and includes the Post Research Leave Support Program. Other investments introduced last year to support research include the Life Events Supports Program, Research Infrastructure Renewal Fund and Science Research Chairs.
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