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New Webinar Explores How To Make Accessible Content

Jessica BlackwoodAn accessible documents webinar to meet the growing need for inclusive design training and creating accessible content has been launched by the Faculty of Science and the Equity and Inclusion Office.

Supported by the MacPherson Institute, the webinar covers topics including Accessibility in Online Learning Environments (Introduction), Accessible Microsoft Word, Accessible Microsoft Outlook, Accessible Microsoft PowerPoint, Accessible Microsoft Excel, Accessible Presentation Techniques, and Teaching in Microsoft Teams.

Webinar attendees also get a take-home package of video tutorials for future reference and to help deepen their understanding of accessibility.

"With the shift to remote learning and working due to COVID-19, implementing integrated accessibility has never been more important for McMaster," says course developer Jessica Blackwood.

Jessica worked with Kate Brown from the Equity and Inclusion Office, together with Christa Morrison, Kunal Tandan and Katrina Espanol-Miller from MacPherson to create this webinar which already has 50 video tutorials.
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