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Outgoing Associate Dean Looks Back On Eight Years

Gianni PariseGianni Parise is returning to the Department of Kinesiology after serving eight years as Associate Dean, Research & External Relations. Gianni will begin a five-year term as Department Chair next July following a year-long research leave. During Gianni's research leave, Jim Lyons will serve as Acting Chair and take over for Martin Gibala who served as Chair for the past 10 years.

What changes have stood out during your eight years as Associate Dean?
Gianni: "So much has changed during my time as Associate Dean. Over those eight years, the Faculty of Science had five Deans. This constant transition made it challenging to move initiatives forward. The Faculty also endured some of its darkest days financially before experiencing a dramatic positive shift in our financial position. We're definitely moving in the right direction."

What's been the one constant during the past eight years?
Gianni: "Through it all, the spirit of our people - from students to staff and faculty - has remained resolute. McMaster and more specifically the Faculty of Science is incredibly resilient because of the many great people on our team. If one thing has stayed the same during the past eight years, it's been the commitment of our people to research, teaching and the community."

What are you most proud of?
Gianni: "I'm very proud of where the Office of the Associate Dean Research and External Relations sits right now. An outstanding team is in place to support our next Associate Dean and all our researchers. I believe the Office is in a great position for many reasons. I'm most proud of how our Office implemented a number of key initiatives (both small and large) that have tangibly improved the research landscape for our researchers. I believe our researchers in the Faculty of Science feel supported and that we've played a role in optimizing their chances for success."

Why did you make the move to become Chair of the Department of Kinesiology?
Gianni: "Kinesiology is my home and the idea of returning home to my work family is very exciting. I see tremendous opportunities for Kinesiology and I look forward to leading the Department by leveraging all the knowledge I gained as Associate Dean. I’m excited to develop a plan and launch new research and teaching initiatives that'll elevate the Department even further and build on the excellent leadership that Kinesiology has already enjoyed."

What you are planning to do during your research leave?
Gianni: "I'll be writing grants, re-engaging with my research group and planning for the future growth of my research program. One of my goals in returning to Kinesiology is to use the opportunity to grow my research program. It’s something I've been wanting to do for a while but just haven’t been able to find the time to do it. I'll now be geographically closer to my lab and have just one department to focus on."
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