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Science Student Earns Canada's Top Academic Medal

Lyan AbdulLife Sciences honours student Lyan Abdul is McMaster's 2020 Governor General's Academic Medal recipient.

Introduced in 1873, the national award is presented annually to students graduating with the highest averages at their universities, colleges and high schools.

“I remember reading about the award back in my first year, so receiving it at the end of my undergraduate studies was a nice ending to these past four years," says Lyan. "I am immensely grateful for all the support from my family, friends, and professors."

Sunita Nadella was one of Lyan's instructors. "Lyan has such a quiet demeanor, says Sunita. "You could completely miss her presence in class until she was invited to present her research. Lyan and her science came alive in that moment through well-crafted presentations - rich in content, fittingly illustrated in design and communicated with assurance. Lyan is very unassuming - the kind who feels no need to add histrionics to her success. Most of the time she prefers being in the background, working hard and allowing success speaks for itself.”

Lyan exemplifies the spirit of the Life Sciences program, says professor Katie Moisse. "She's a careful scientist who understands the importance of communicating research and engaging communities in science. We are so proud of her."

Following graduation, Lyan will complete a Master of Applied Science in the Department of Biomedical Engineering under Boyang Zhang's supervision. Lyan volunteered in Boyang's lab during her third year and then completed her fourth-year thesis project in the lab.
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