Scholarships and Awards Information for Undergraduate Students

  Undergraduate Academic Awards

For students registered in Kinesiology, a wide selection of awards for academic excellence are available. We also have a generous awards program available to all students with high academic standing. Please consult the    Undergraduate Calendar section of the McMaster University Undergraduate Calendar for further information or use AwardSpring on Mosaic. With AwardSpring, you can complete one common app that matches you with all the aid & award opportunities you’re eligible for. It also tracks the completion of any additional requirements on a user-friendly dashboard.


  NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA)

The NSERC USRA is the Undergraduate Student Research Award, which provides support to undergraduate students to perform research during the summer under the supervision of a faculty member. This prestigious award enables undergraduate students to spend the summer months (16 weeks) working with a research group.

Students should meet with potential supervisors to ensure mutual interest prior to submitting an application to the department. Eligibility criteria and application process information for the award can be found on the NSERC website.

   Application Deadline: February 11, 2022. 

Application process:

  1. Find an eligible supervisor that you are interested in working with.
  2. Complete the On-line Application and Form 202, Part I.
  3. Form 202, Part II is to be completed by the proposed supervisor (please provide them with the blank form).
  4. A PDF version of your unofficial transcript (Please note: if you are selected for an NSERC USRA, you may be asked to provide an official transcript).
  5. Email the completed application and unofficial transcript to the Department of Kinesiology by email at

All students are welcome to apply, but please note that this is a competitive process with a limited number of awards.

For more information information about the NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award, please visit:


   Kinesiology Program Awards

Students registered in the Kinesiology Program are also eligible for a number of program-based awards. If you have any questions about the awards and the terms of reference listed below, please email


  Major Graduate Scholarship Deadlines

Thinking about Graduate School, either at McMaster or elsewhere? Need funding? Apply for a scholarship!   List of Major Scholarships and Deadlines

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