Sport Specific Educational Seminar and Testing


The McMaster University sport specific educational seminars are designed for competitive athletes of all ages who are serious about their sport and wish to maximize their performance. Seminars are approximately 3 hours in length and will introduce athletes to commonly used tests of human performance testing and body composition. These seminars are led by PHD students in the Department of Kinesiology who have several years of experience educating and testing a variety of high performance athletes, including NHL and OHL, varsity, rep and club athletes from a variety of team and individual sports. The session consists of the following:

  1. A 20-30 minute PowerPoint presentation providing an introduction and overview of the scientific rationale for commonly used tests of human physical performance and body composition, sport specific training principles with a focus on nutrition and hydration.
  2. A 30 minute “hands on” laboratory demonstration of a maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) test, Wingate tests and body composition tests using state-of-theart scientific testing equipment. (See short descriptions of these tests below.)
  3. 90-120 min testing sessions, where each athlete will have the opportunity to undergo a Wingate test, BodPod test and power evaluation tests.
  4. A short summary and question and answer period designed to allow athletes, parents and coaches to ask questions and learn more about the results and next steps.

Seminar Cost (revised August 2019):

  Cost is $575.00 plus HST (total of $650) for a maximum of 17 athletes. Payment should be made by cheque (payable to McMaster University) at the time of the seminar.

  Note: For team sizes greater than 17 players, the cost will be an additional $35 per athlete plus HST.

  Please ensure that you are selecting dates and times that you can attend.

  An administration fee of $50.00 will be applied for requested date changes after the seminar has been confirmed.

Seminar Application:

Test Descriptions

VO2max Test: Determines the maximal amount of oxygen that can be utilized by the body, and is considered the "gold standard" measure of cardiorespiratory fitness. It is the most commonly used test of performance for athletes who compete in endurance sports (eg, cycling and running). The test involves exercising at progressively higher workloads on a stationary cycle or treadmill while breath samples are collected through a mouthpiece.

Wingate Test: Determines maximal power output during a 30 second "all out" sprint on a specialized cycle ergometer. The Wingate Test is extremely demanding and maximally stresses the body's aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. It is the most commonly used test of performance for athletes who compete in strength and power sports, or those who perform short repeated bursts of activity (eg, hockey, rugby, soccer).

Body Composition Test: Measures a person's body mass, using a very accurate electronic scale, and body volume, which is determined while sitting inside the BOD POD chamber. The BOD POD provides information on fat and fat-free mass, resting metabolic rate, and an estimate of a person's daily energy (calorie) requirement.

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