Graduate Mentoring Program

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The Graduate Mentoring Program in the Faculty of Science recognizes that relationships between student and faculty are critical to student achievement. While many graduate students will engage in relationships with their thesis supervisor, these relationships are not always enough to address student issues. Mentorship can offer many benefits to graduate students, including increased

  • academic success
  • program retention
  • support in their personal and professional development

As a faculty-wide initiative, student mentees may desire a connection with faculty outside of their area of research on matters that are not always related to academics. The Graduate Mentorship Program simplifies those connections for students and faculty.

Objectives of the Graduate Mentorship Program

Provide beneficial, mentee-focused mentorships that are focused on addressing the needs of the student.

Assist graduate students with navigating potential career pathways within and beyond academia.

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Strengthen student’s personal connections to the university and provide a supportive community.

How It Works

Both mentees and mentors will be supported through regular check-ins, monthly events and the providing of high-quality resources and toolkits.

For Mentees

If you are interested in becoming a student mentee, you can fill out a Mentee Application and book a brief meeting with the Graduate Mentorship and Career Coordinator. This meeting will inform the coordinator of your mentorship preferences, which will be used to facilitate your ideal mentor match.

For Mentors

Faculty who are interested in becoming mentors can fill out a Mentor Application and book a brief meeting with the Graduate Mentorship and Career Coordinator. This meeting will help introduce new mentors to the program and inform their match with a student.

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All participation in this program is greatly appreciated. If you have feedback, questions, or would like more information, please contact Michael Adebo, Graduate Mentorship and Career Coordinator at

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