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Faculty of Science Tenure and Promotions Committee

Faculty of Science Tenure and Promotion Committee (2019-2020) Membership:
Name, RankDepartmentAddressPhoneEmailTerm Ends (June 30th)
Dr. Maureen MacDonald Dean & Professor (Committee Chair) Faculty of Science BSB-102 22615 deansci@mcmaster.ca 2022
Dr. Ben Evans Professor Biology LSB-328 26973 evansb@mcmaster.ca 2021
Dr. Carolyn Eyles Professor Interdisciplinary Science GSB-304 23524 eylesc@mcmaster.ca 2021
Dr. Paul Faure Professor Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour PC-111 26393 paul4@mcmaster.ca 2021
Dr. Brian Golding Professor Biology LSB-533 24829 golding@mcmaster.ca 2020
Dr. Karin Humphreys Associate Professor Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour PC-410 23011 krh@mcmaster.ca 2022
Dr. Jose Moran-Mirabal Associate Professor Chemistry & Chemical Biology ABB-233 24507 moran-mirabal@mcmaster.ca 2022
Dr. Maikel Rheinstadter Professor Physics & Astronomy ABB-237A 23134 rheinstadter@mcmaster.ca 2020
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