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Innovative Centres, Institutes and Facilities

The Faculty of Science hosts or supports several research-based centres and institutes that encourage the integrated, multi-disciplinary work for which McMaster is famous. Connected to advanced and innovative facilities and research platforms, our researchers explore areas as diverse as environment and health, music and cognition, materials research, and the origins of the universe. They strive to create knowledge and increase understanding, and then apply this knowledge to transform our world.

For more information on researchers' interests or individual items of equipment, please search the QReserve Database under development.

Biointerfaces Institute

The Biointerfaces Institute is a state-of-the-art facility that uses high-throughput methods to better understand the interface between biological and synthetic materials. By studying how biological systems respond to synthetic materials, and vice versa, the Institute seeks to expand our ability to create better biosensors and medical implants, among many other exciting applications.

Brockhouse Institute for Material Research

The study of the structure of materials has a long history at McMaster. The Brockhouse Institute, named after Nobel Prize winner Bertram Brockhouse, is dedicated to materials research, development and analysis. With unique facilities such as the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM); Centre for Crystal Growth; McMaster Analytical X-ray Diffraction Facility; and the Photonics Research Laboratories, the BIMR attracts researcher from across Canada and around the world.

McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind

MIMM features LIVE, our Large Interactive Virtual Environment, a unique 100-seat performance laboratory with the ability to mimic specific acoustic environments ranging from a concert hall to a subway platform. This unique facility helps researchers to explore areas as diverse as hearing impairment and the development of better hearing aids, tinnitus, autism and how people learn to play music, among other exciting research.

McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics (MITL)

The MITL is a non-profit organization of private and public sector partners who work together to improve the efficiency of transportation systems and the competitiveness of the logistics and manufacturing sector. Addressing the challenge of climate change, this group recognizes that climate change and environmental emissions are intertwined with economic prosperity and must be considered for the future sustainability of both industry and the planet. MITL is supported by its partners in industry, government and academia.

McMaster Nuclear Reactor 

The McMaster Nuclear Reactor, the first university-based research reactor in the British Commonwealth, began operations in 1959. It now serves a core group of researchers exploring the smallest structures of matter, developing new probes for medical diagnostics and studying radiation safety. It also is one of the world's largest suppliers of the medical radioisotope iodine-125 which is used for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Origins Institute 

The Origins Institute conducts outreach activities and transdisciplinary research to study fundamental questions in science. Areas of exploration include the origin of life and astrobiology, astrophysics, the origins of dark matter and dark energy in the universe, and the beginnings of life.

PACE - Physical Activity Centre of Excellence

Located within the Department of Kinesiology, the Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE) is a state-of-the-art, exercise research and training centre. There, scientists, students and staff work together to improve the health and well-being among older adults and people with chronic disease or disability through such programs as McMaster Cardiac Rehabilitation, Mac Seniors and MacWheelers. PACE focuses on conducting cutting-edge exercise research and translating the results into knowledge products, tools and programs for use in the community.